What if when you returned home…

…your family was missing?

Brendan sets out on a journey to find his wife and daughter and discovers instead…

…a mind-bending reality that changes everything.

Traveling across the country and into the nature of Truth itself, one man treads a tightrope between hell and redemption while battling for his own sanity.

You won’t want to put this psychological thriller down because nothing is as it seems.

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“Insanely Insightful... This book took me places I never would have thought I wanted to go...” – Kindle Customer ★★★★★

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“A Gem of a Novel... Unnatural Truth is a tour de force about reality. I began to feel slightly schizophrenic myself...a testament to Mr. Hawke's writing skills…” – Patricia Harreld ★★★★★

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“A fascinating story that delves into mental illness, the workings of the mind, and human nature. There are infinite layers of symbolism and meaning, and a surprising plot that kept me riveted...” – Alyssa Maxwell ★★★★★

A 21st-century fable about what it means to have a soul, Altered Selves follows the quest of twin brothers through reality-bending evil, into the heart of the impossible. Separated by death, the brothers try to reclaim their lives and discover the meaning of true forgiveness.

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“A fascinating and unique story that takes you on a journey into the mind and psyche of an interesting character. No fluff here! Just a terrific, thought changing, introspective, yet captivating book!”
– Mary R ★★★★★

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“A Thought Provoking Reflection on Reality. This author digs deep, and challenges the way we perceive the world around us. Who we are, who we could be, and how we think is presented in an exciting tale at takes the reader on a roller coaster journey.…” – Charles ★★★★★

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“...a powerful story of good versus evil and it's told in the present day. This is a highly imaginative work and I highly recommend it.” – Michael Finlayson ★★★★★

This writer’s guide is packed full of insightful lessons on writing well. Gleaned from years of teaching writing workshops and crafting his own stories, Christopher Hawke teaches these lessons in a clear and concise way.

Touted as “The most comprehensive class on the market today…entertaining and inspiring…” by V. S. Alexander, and designed especially for the busy writer, these lessons require no more than ten minutes a day and will change your writing life.

This book is based upon a highly acclaimed video series entitled The Craft of Writing by Christopher Hawke.

To learn even more, with the help of visual examples and additional writing lessons, go to and get the entire series

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“There are so many things to pick up from on the first read that you immediately want to go through the book a second time. Don't! Do your own writing first, then re-read Craft of Writing and follow Chris' advice. Your story will be so much better. Well-written text to be shared with fellow-writers or aspiring writers.”
– Chaophrayaprincess ★★★★★

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“I've read other writing books but none of them can compare to the knowledge I received from this one...” – Tim ★★★★★

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“This is an awesome and inspiring book for anyone who wants to become a top-notch writer and for even those of us who want to perfect and polish up our already published works.” – Cherry A. London ★★★★★